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IT consultancy

As your trusted IT partner we are ready to provide strategic support and technical implementation.

An expert team analyzes your current systems & business processes, identifies areas for improvement, designs effective strategies and helps with implementation.


Software customization

Tailor-made software solutions that perfectly match your needs.

With our expertise and experience, we develop software that integrates seamlessly with your business processes and supports your goals.

Whether it's automating tasks, streamlining workflows or creating unique functionalities, we make sure the software is fully customized and does exactly what you need.


Smart contract audit

Our smart contract audit services provide in-depth analysis and evaluation of your smart contracts to ensure they are secure, reliable and free of vulnerabilities.

With our deep technical expertise and experience, we identify and address potential security vulnerabilities, bugs and risks.

We conduct a thorough code review and test the functionality and security of your smart contracts to ensure they meet the highest standards.


Blockchain solutions

Leverage the power of blockchain and web3 for innovative solutions.

We offer tailor-made decentralized applications and smart contracts that guarantee security, efficiency and transparency.

Together we take the step towards a digital future.


Payment integrator

As a payment integrator we offer seamless integrations with leading payment providers, including Mollie, Payconiq and Stripe.

Our solutions allow you to quickly and easily accept payments across channels including online, mobile and in-store.

Our integrations ensure that your customers can pay safely and smoothly with their favorite payment methods.



Discover the power of e-learning with our tailor-made LMS solutions.

With Totara you can create effective and engaging online learning experiences for your employees, customers or partners.

Our Totara implementations offer a comprehensive range of features including course management, learning management, certifications and reporting.

With our expertise and experience we can fully tailor Totara to your specific training needs and business objectives.


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